Who We Are?

"Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten-fold reward. I do not say that Alif Lam Meem is one letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter, and Meem is a letter." (Tirmidhi)


For all of mankind to succeed in Duniyah and Akhirah.

Our Mission

       Our mission is to fulfill the Haque of Quran by:

  1. Teaching Tajweed for correct recitation of Quran.
  2. Teaching Quranic Arabic for better understanding of the Quran.
  3. Spreading out the Quranic message all over the world by means of Tafsir.
  4. Making memorization of Quran easy for everyone (One ayah/ day).